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In order to start the account Activation process for Howdy, we must first verify your identity. Please complete the Former Student Questionnaire using your personal information maintained in your student record. Upon successfully verifying your identity, you will receive an email from howdy@tamu.edu containing additional information and a unique URL to proceed to the Account Activation portal.

If you have problems completing the questionnaire, or do not remember some, or all of the personal information as maintained in your student record, please complete the Records Request Form. Select the Former Student Questionnaire verification option and submit it to the Office of the Registrar via email at records@tamu.edu or fax 979-845-1086.

You should receive an email from howdy@tamu.edu within 1 hour of successfully submitting the Former Student Questionnaire below. If you have not received the email after 1 hour of successfully completing this questionnaire please email howdy@tamu.edu for further assistance.

Complete the Former Student Questionnaire below to verify your identity.

1. Enter a valid email address where you would like to receive your Account Activation email.
* Email Required
2. Re-enter the email address for verification
* Email Verification Required
3. Enter your Universal Identification Number(UIN) or social security number.
* Required
4. Provide your Date of Birth
* Required
5. Select the location and term when you last enrolled at Texas A&M University:
College Station
College Station Medical School (Fall 1980 - Spring 2001)
* Required

6. If applicable, provide degree(s) and major(s) information for degree(s) earned from Texas A&M University
If more than one degree has been earned, you must include information for each one. Failure to include all degrees earned will result in an inability to verify one’s identity.
If you did not receive a degree from Texas A&M University, skip this question and SUBMIT this questionnaire.

Degree 1 Major 1
Degree 2 Major 2
Degree 3 Major 3
Degree 4 Major 4

Upon submitting this questionnaire, you will receive a message indicating if your identity was able to be successfully verified or not. If not, you may attempt to re-enter the information on the questionnaire or submit the Records Request Form as indicated above.

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